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News from the University of Bradford

Bradford named UK’s University of the Year for Social Inclusion

20 September 2019

‘Follow your passion and be curious’ Nobel Prize winner tells students

1 December 2020

Bradford-China film industry link is a big deal

1 December 2020

New Covid-19 ‘asymptomatic’ testing site opens at University of Bradford

30 November 2020

Life behind the lens: from Star Wars to The Rocky Horror Picture Show

26 November 2020

From shop floor to Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire

25 November 2020

University of Bradford in top quartile for spin-out companies

24 November 2020

Huge incentive for overseas entrepreneurs to launch business start-ups in Bradford

23 November 2020

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Contact tracing: why some give false contact details to bars and restaurants

Published August 10, 2020 by Dr Donia Waseem, Lecturer in Marketing, University of Bradford & Dr Joseph Chen, Lecturer in Marketing, Macquarie University

How the failure of multiculturalism led to the rise of Black Lives Matter

Published September 30, 2020 by Colins Imoh, University of Bradford

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