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We know that working in partnership with others is crucial if we want to create global impact and tackle the major challenges of this world.  We also know that your knowledge enhances our research and teaching and leads to a better experience for our students.

We work regularly with other universities, policy makers, public bodies, businesses, and charities to develop innovative solutions to large and small problems.  We are very passionate about applying our knowledge to the challenges organisations face.

We provide access to academic expertise, research and start-up facilities, industry networks and boards, and strategic alliances and commercial investments.

It’s been a good experience with opportunities to grow in niche markets and increase sales and profits. The University have been excellent. Paul Haworth, Global Product Development Manager, Precision Polymer Engineering

Accessing expertise

Develop a research project, find a consultant, upskill your workforce, employ a student or graduate, or attend a lecture or event.

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Facilities and resources

Use our research equipment, find a base for your business, or host your event with us.

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Strategic partnership

Form a strategic alliance, contribute to lectures, join an industry advisory board, join a network, or invest in a novel innovation.

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