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Travel and Transport

Bradford is conveniently situated in the centre of the UK and is easily reached by road, rail or air.

  • Getting to Bradford - Bradford is easy to get to, located right in the middle of the UK with excellent road and rail links, its own international airport and an extensive coach service also connects most parts of the country with Bradford’s Travel Interchange.
  • - Once you have arrived in Bradford getting out and about is easy, whether you have your own transport or not.
  • Cycling - We aim to promote and encourage cycling to and from the University - provision on campus includes bike storage, showers, a shop where you can buy second-hand bikes or donate your bike for recycling, and a University bike club.
  • Cycling 4 All is a cycling club that caters for the needs of disabled students and offers free weekly cycling sessions to students.
  • Travel sustainably - Our Smart Move Travel website has lots of useful information for staff and students about sustainable travel to and from the University.

Commuter race

Five forms of travel: running, bus, car, train and bike - who do you think will get to work the fastest?